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My portrait in words. How one day A got to Z; and of course, the many moments, pleasures, adventures, and tragedies. Oh yes... and learning to live and accept being HIV+.

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Funny how we (or maybe just I) at times fell compelled to explain the of actions we/I take or the words said on personal blogs. Ehh, whatever, regardless, one of this things I will do is share some of the writing and poetry I’ve produced over the years. It’s also important to for me because much of this still represents who I am, and my daily struggles with life. 

Eyes Closed - written 2007/8ish.

Please take me by the hand and lead me home. 

Remove me from the hearts and minds of men,

Because I don’t wanna play anymore.

Dissect this existence, and embalm it in a dream,

Because I’m finished with my songs of sorrow.

I’ve numbed the pain with addiction, and covered it in cashmere.

But the stills of memories remain, with a darkness that never fades,

The wounds etched onto my soul are buried so deep they never go away.

And so I can no longer rewrite this book,

Because the story is always the same.

So walk me to the edge of forever,

Where the sign reads last exit, 

So I can close me eyes and dream of never moving forward 

So there could never be a past.

Unweave my tragedy, and take me by hand,

Lead me to forever, because now is no more.


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